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Berks, Spots and Crosses for Sale

Postby Okiehogs » Fri Oct 16, 2009 9:37 am

I have 5 litters of Berks, Spots, and Crossbreds

Litter 9- 8/24/2009 (Berk) Timber X Big Iron, sow was a littermate to a high placing barrow at Oklahoma City in 2009 and 3 county champion barrows. These pigs are heavy muscled, stout and big boned. Very Deep Litter.

Litter 10- 8/27/2009 (X-Bred) Big Shot X Tap Out, sow is a daughter of the sow who has produced the Grand at Phoenix and Denver, 3 sale barrows at OKC, Res. Hamp at Tulsa, 1 sale barrow at Houston. Sire was $70,000 boar from the Indiana St. Fair in 2008, produced the $130,000 boar that sold at Indiana this year. These pigs are super good designed, very sound and good structured, and plenty of muscle and bone.

Litter 11- 9/3/2009 (Spot) Heir Apparent X Shine, sow won class at Tulsa, these pigs should be wide and heavy boned, but have just been weaned for a week and are still pretty green.

Litter 12- 9/9/2009 (Berk) Big Iron X Houdini, sow is a foundation sow, who is the daughter of the champion Berk at Northwest district show, this sow has produced at least 8-10 county champions, sire is a littermate to a premium sale barrow at houston. sow produced the champion Berk at the Muskogee Regional show. This litter is full mating to the mother of litter 9. There will be some really nice pigs in this litter, but they are still really young and green.

Litter 13- 9/12/2009 (Berk) Stunner son X Ring of Fire, this sow is my oldest and most consistent sow, mother of Big Iron and premium sale barrow at Houston. She produces champions in every litter and these pigs will be very muscular and have lots of look. Right now they are still young and very green.

I am centrally located, there are at least a hundred other litters of pigs within a 50 mile radius. Call me at 405-206-1507 Andy Clifford
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